Davenport Investments

Davenport Investments is a private family equity investment firm focusing on creating opportunities for our stakeholders, including company owners and management.
We invest selectively in high-potential companies with solid fundamentals. Then, we work with the management of these companies to build outstanding businesses. We have no outside investors and draw on deep family capital for our investments. As a result, we don’t have to meet external expectations of returns or a specific timetable, so we can be patient. We are able to give our companies the time they need to become great. We have a strong track record as investors and we enjoy partnering with strong management teams. Through processes that have been tested and proven in a wide variety of business contexts, we help our partner companies as they grow, create value, and become sustained leaders.
What We Invest In
Though we explore many opportunities each year, we don’t invest in everything. In fact, we invest in only a very small percentage of the opportunities we explore, based on:
• The management team
• Our estimate of how much value is inherent in the business
• How much time and expertise we have to devote to the business
• Potential for sustained excellence.
We're interested in sound business models supported by favorable fundamental trends. We like cash-flow positive businesses as well as businesses that will respond positively to staged infusions of growth capital. At a minimum, we expect a history of strong EBITDA or revenue growth in order for us to explore an investment.
What We Don't Invest In
We like to work in areas where we can create opportunity, and we have a clear idea of where that's possible. Davenport Investments doesn't invest in:

• Companies with unproven leadership
• Negative cash flow businesses
• Technology companies
• Unproven start-ups
• Distressed companies
• Offshore-based companies